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Our Story

Neelima Hospitals is the brainchild of a young couple of doctors, Dr. P. Neelima, a gifted and noted gynaecologist and Dr. P Srinivasulu, a leading anaesthetic and critical care expert. Neelima Hospitals derives its name from Dr.Neelima, one of the two founders who started the hospital as a humble 5 bedded medical facility in a modest dwelling in the year 2009.

Making a humble beginning in a modest two-room facility, Neelima, driven by the highly motivated and dedicated doctors, took fast paces and in a small span of eight years developed into a 50 bedded budget-hospital. Today, it is counted among the handful of super speciality hospitals where a commoner can walk-in without worrying about the depth of his pocket. In a bizarre urban scenario where huge corporate, five star hospitals are pushing people into clueless economic dilemmas and hopeless disgust, Neelima soothingly won the hearts of the lower and the middle class sections with its zeal to deliver medical excellence at affordable cost. Neelima is now operating two multi-specialty hospital units manned by experienced physicians and surgeons including internationally educated experts and well-mannered and fully trained paramedical and management personnel.

Team Work

What is important is that Neelima Hospitals achieved all this without compromising on the quality of services and nourishing the pro-people character that is closer to the hearts of its protagonists.

Hyderabad, though a flourishing I.T beehive, lags behind in providing medical facilities to common citizens with only 10000-12000 hospital beds available while the city needs a staggering number of about 25000 beds. The parity in the numbers clearly shows that commoner friendly hospitals such as Neelima with committed low cost healthcare philosophy have a huge scope to grow and also have a greater role to play in the immediate future. Realizing the pressing need in the developing healthcare scenario in Hyderabad, Neelima Hospitals Private Limited has envisioned a great opportunity for faster growth and decided to establish a new, modern and state-of-the-art hospital, in the well developed and neo-middle class Czech colony by the Sanathnagar main road.

Our Mission

Humane | Ethical | Thinkable

  • Deliver world class health care to urban middle class and lower middle class.
  • Provide corporate medicare for the less fortunate of the society.
  • State-of-art facilities and informed doctors.
  • Promote and Practice social responsible healthcare.

Our Vision

The founders had a vision for Neelima Hospitals as an affordable and middle class friendly hospital where people can walk in without worrying about hefty medical bills.

Dr. P. Neelima and Dr. P. Srinivasulu are convinced that super specialty medical services should reach people who are not rich enough to afford five star health care. They are committed to the middle class and poorer sections of the society who need healthcare at an affordable cost. Essentially this is the guiding philosophy that always motivates Dr.Neelima and Dr.Srinivasulu in their mission of serving people with affordable healthcare.

The social commitment with which this couple serves the people is almost incomparable.

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