Busting Menstrual Myths


A menstrual woman is impure, sick or even cursed

FACT – The fact is menstruation is a healthy and natural phenomenon in a woman. Menstruating women are not impure. The menstrual fluid is just a mixture of blood and tissue.



A menstruating woman should not enter into the kitchen, not allowed into temples, not allowed to offer prayers.

FACT – According to our old traditions, a menstrual girl is considered as unclean, she is not allowed to enter the kitchen, not allowed to visit temples, prayer rooms. The fact is a menstrual woman is not impure, they may follow these practices as the respect of religious sentiments.



Intercourse with menstrual women leads to STD’s, and if a woman conceives during a menstrual period, the baby will be born abnormal.

FACT – The fact is STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) spread if any one of them having any disease, menstruation has nothing to do with this, and there will be no effect on the baby conceived during that period.



A menstruating woman should not bath nor go swimming

FACT – Undoubtedly it is a myth. In olden days people used to bath in ponds, rivers and lakes. The might have circulated to stop menstrual women using the same water which makes others feel discomfort. However, today everyone has their private bathrooms, and there is no point to follow the myth. Everyone must bath daily to maintain general hygiene and cleanliness. When you are going out to swim in pools, better to opt for a tampon or menstrual cup.



It is not possible to get pregnant during menstruation.

FACT – The probability of getting a pregnancy during menstruation might be low, but there is a possibility. Some time ovulation may occur before menstruation is over and sometimes soon after menstruation is over. When you have sex during menstruation, the sperm can live inside your vagina up to 5 days. So, in both cases, sperm has enough time to fertilise the egg even during menstruation to get pregnant.



No to sex during menstruation.

FACT – It’s just a myth. Having sex during periods might over bleed due to the fluctuation of hormones. However, It’s entirely your choice if you and your partner has no problem and feel comfortable to have sex during periods.



Menstruation leads to heavy blood loss which can lead to anaemia.

FACT – Healthy menstruation doesn't lead to anaemia. Loss of blood during a single menstrual cycle in a healthy woman will be around 80ml.  However, if the blood loss is more than 80ml (three tablespoons) during a menstrual cycle, consult a doctor immediately.



Never take pills to delay your periods

FACT – Some women wanted to skip periods for different health reasons such as painful cramps, more blood loss, and fatigue etc. Some women wanted delay periods, not to disturb their sports activities or exams. Often delaying periods once in a blue moon is fine only after consulting a doctor.



No Exercise – “You should not exercise during your periods.”

FACT – You should not strain yourself too much. But a little bit of exercise can actually help you manage PMS symptoms and painful cramps. If you feel like doing exercise and relaxing, go for it.



Use Cotton Padding – “Napkin can cause rashes. You should only use cotton clothes.”

FACT – Sanitary napkins are comfortable and much more hygienic. Cotton clothes, dry straw pads (single use or reuse) can be a breeding ground for germs, especially, if they are not cleaned & dried properly.


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