Admission Guide

In-Patient Care Procedures

There’s quite an efficient process in place at Neelima Hospital for the admission of patients. The process is a simple and convenient one, made merely to let the patients and their family members ease through and get to the treatment and care part as soon as possible.

  • The concerned doctor will raise an Advice Admission Form for OPD patients to be admitted to the hospital.
  • A financial counsellor will then guide the patient or their family on the recommended treatments as well as the cost involved with the same. The economic counselling team at the hospital are available 24/7 and are also tasked with guiding patients with the type of room to select as well as the mode of payment, deposits, insurance, and other package details, along with all necessary financial breakdowns.
  • At times, the desired rooms might not be available, in which case the next best alternative is offered to patients, although a transfer to the desired place is made once it becomes available again.
  • Carrying the advice slip along is recommended if you are to be admitted in the coming days. The slip will lead us to redirect you to the admission desk immediately.
  • The admission desk executives will request you to present essential documents as well as identity proofs such as Adhaar card or any other concerning documents/proofs.
  • Furthermore, the admission desk executives also check for available insurances, confirm with the insurance company and check if the disease /problem the patient is admitted for is covered under the policy.
  • In the case there is no insurance with the patient, the admission desk executives will handover the file to the nurses’ department for further steps.

Admission Checklist

The admission process at Neelima Hospital is a simple process and to keep it hassle-free, ensure you carry the following items along when you come here – Referral letter from your doctor.

  • Documents related to insurance or cover from the concerned firm or agency
    A Government issued identity document (Passport, Driver’s license, Aadhar card).
  • Previous health / medical reports.

Admission Guidelines

  • You could find the admission desk on the 1st floor, right behind the front desk on that floor.
  • The hospital accepts admissions at all times on any given day.
  • Any admissions made at the hospitals require a deposit slip, without which a patient cannot be admitted.
  • Payments could be made through cash, credit cards and debit cards. Cheques are not accepted.
  • Patients and their concerned family members/person accompanying them are requested to carry their toiletries, clothing and slippers as the hospital is not responsible towards providing them.
  • We also request you to take care of all precious belongings, as the hospital would not be held accountable in case of theft or loss of the same.

Our Mission

Humane | Ethical | Thinkable

  • Deliver world class health care to urban middle class and lower middle class.
  • Provide corporate medicare for less the fortunate of the society.
  • Informed doctors and state-of-art facilities.
  • Promote and Practice social responsible healthcare.

Our Vision

The founders had a vision for Neelima Hospitals as an affordable and middle class friendly hospital where people can walk in withoutworrying about hefty medical bills.

Dr. P. Neelima and Dr. P. Srinivas are convinced that super speciality medical services should reach people who are not rich enough to afford five star health care. They are committed to the lower order and poorer sections of the society who need healthcare at an affordable cost. Essentially this is the guiding philosophy that always motivates Dr.Neelima and Dr.Srinivas in their mission of serving people with affordablehealthcare.

The social commitment with which this couple serves the people is almost incomparable.

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