Discharge Guide

Discharge Process

  • After all the necessary treatments are over, and the patient is ready to leave the hospital, it is of the utmost necessity to follow the discharge process. We have it simplified for you below –
  • Once the presiding doctor gives an all ok to be discharged from the hospital, the Duty Medical officer will be on hand to helping you with the discharge process. A discharge summary will be presented which will be reviewed and signed by your presiding doctor.
  • The concerned nurse will then follow protocol and return the extra medication back to the pharmacy.
  • Once the above two, necessary procedures are concluded, the Floor Executive will accumulate all the required reports, radiology reports, lab reports and other essential documents such as ECG reports, and prepare the final bill for the patient.
  • The first step will be to check if the patient is covered by insurance. If that is the case, then the generated bill and a copy of the discharge summary will be sent to the Insurance company. Once the approval is received from the Insurance firm, and the bill amount is equal to the covered insurance amount, the bill will be declared ‘settled’. If the bill amount is more than the covered sum, then the patient has to pay the difference to settle the bill.
  • The patient needs to ensure all the items that were required during admission are present. The Hospital will not be responsible if any of those items are forgotten back and hence go missing after the patient left it back at the hospital.
  • We request patients to then cross check all the necessary documents before they leave the hospital.
  • Patients covered under insurance will have to wait for another 2-4 hours as the bill will need the necessary processing time.
  • Post-discharge, patients can come in for follow up checks. The first of these checks will be complimentary, but as a concerned hospital, we request patients to not skip their next check-ups, as it is vital for full recovery after discharge and also helps the doctors keep track of the patient’s progress.

Payments & Bill Settlements

  • At Neelima Hospital, we accept all types of Credit & Debit Cards. Patients can also settle their bill with cash. However, we are not in the practice of accepting cheques.
  • For the convenience of International patients, we do accept major foreign currencies and wired transfers through RTGS and NEFT. International patients would need to present a copy of their passports at the registration for validation purposes.
  • If the bill is to be settled by an employer or insurance company that is empanelled with Neelima Hospitals, the patient must produce Authorization from your employer, with Employee ID Number.

Our Mission

Humane | Ethical | Thinkable

  • Deliver world class health care to urban middle class and lower middle class.
  • Provide corporate medicare for less the fortunate of the society.
  • Informed doctors and state-of-art facilities.
  • Promote and Practice social responsible healthcare.

Our Vision

The founders had a vision for Neelima Hospitals as an affordable and middle class friendly hospital where people can walk in withoutworrying about hefty medical bills.

Dr. P. Neelima and Dr. P. Srinivas are convinced that super speciality medical services should reach people who are not rich enough to afford five star health care. They are committed to the lower order and poorer sections of the society who need healthcare at an affordable cost. Essentially this is the guiding philosophy that always motivates Dr.Neelima and Dr.Srinivas in their mission of serving people with affordablehealthcare.

The social commitment with which this couple serves the people is almost incomparable.

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