Health Packages

Common Man Health checkup

Rs. 750/-

Master Health check up

Rs. 2,600/-

Executive Health check up

Rs. 4,900/-

Basic Diabetic check up

Rs. 1,300/-

Executive Diabetic check up

Rs. 3,600/-

Basic Heart check up

Rs. 5,200/-

Infertility profile – Male

Rs. 2,000/-

Infertility profile – Female

Rs. 6000/-

Well woman package

Rs. 2,900/-

Our Mission

Humane | Ethical | Thinkable

  • Deliver world class health care to urban middle class and lower middle class.
  • Provide corporate medicare for less the fortunate of the society.
  • Informed doctors and state-of-art facilities.
  • Promote and Practice social responsible healthcare.

Our Vision

The founders had a vision for Neelima Hospitals as an affordable and middle class friendly hospital where people can walk in withoutworrying about hefty medical bills.

Dr. P. Neelima and Dr. P. Srinivas are convinced that super speciality medical services should reach people who are not rich enough to afford five star health care. They are committed to the lower order and poorer sections of the society who need healthcare at an affordable cost. Essentially this is the guiding philosophy that always motivates Dr.Neelima and Dr.Srinivas in their mission of serving people with affordablehealthcare.

The social commitment with which this couple serves the people is almost incomparable.

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