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Visiting Guidelines

Neelima Hospital respects the patient’s health more than anything. That said, we encourage visitors to provide support for their loved ones admitted at the hospital, but not at the cost of invading a patient’s privacy and essential time which the patient needs to spend resting. Visitors are always welcome to visit the patients, but there are specific guidelines in place
that they need to follow –

  • First, the visitor needs to collect the visiting badge from the admission desk. The badges differ from general visitors, officials or vendors, and the desk will provide with the appropriate badge. Visitors are requested to return their badges when their visit is over at the hospital.
  • Visitors who might be carrying infectious diseases like cough, cold, or those who are otherwise unwell are requested to refrain from visiting the patient, as it might bring the risk of aggravating their health condition.
  • During visits to the ICU, visitors are not allowed to carry items like flowers, food and other things, as the allocated personal space there is limited. However, visitors can always carry items like pictures, silk flowers or cards.
  • The ICU is a highly critical place, and hence visitors must adhere to the rules and regulations imposed on the facility. Meaning maintaining complete silence, and allowing appropriate privacy are the rules visitors are requested to follow. Also, Visitors are asked to not disturb other patients and attendants within the ICU section with their actions.
  • Visitors are requested to be careful with their belongings at the hospital.
  • Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed inside patient rooms.
  • A visit must be scheduled beforehand as we believe the patients need preparation time before any visit.
  • Hospital units can always interrupt any visit if it clashes with their time to provide care for the said patient.
  • Visitors are requested to maintain a safe distance from the patient as well as from the attached drips and catheters. Touching or tampering with any wires connected to medical equipment or even the patient’s open wounds are restricted.
  • Visitors are requested to use public restrooms/toilets and refrain from using the ones available inside the patient’s room.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited, not only in the room but within the entire hospital premises.

Visiting Hours

  • In patients, Morning visiting hours are between 8am-9am. Evening visiting hours are between 5pm-7pm.
  • For Intensive Care Units: Morning visiting Hours are between 10am-11am. Evening visiting hours are between 4pm-5pm.

Our Mission

Humane | Ethical | Thinkable

  • Deliver world class health care to urban middle class and lower middle class.
  • Provide corporate medicare for less the fortunate of the society.
  • Informed doctors and state-of-art facilities.
  • Promote and Practice social responsible healthcare.

Our Vision

The founders had a vision for Neelima Hospitals as an affordable and middle class friendly hospital where people can walk in withoutworrying about hefty medical bills.

Dr. P. Neelima and Dr. P. Srinivas are convinced that super speciality medical services should reach people who are not rich enough to afford five star health care. They are committed to the lower order and poorer sections of the society who need healthcare at an affordable cost. Essentially this is the guiding philosophy that always motivates Dr.Neelima and Dr.Srinivas in their mission of serving people with affordablehealthcare.

The social commitment with which this couple serves the people is almost incomparable.

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