Preconceptional Counselling: Preparing You For The Journey Of Motherhood

Babies are cute, aren’t they? But, when it comes to having your own baby, it doesn’t seem that easy, does it? If you’re a woman, the looming changes to your body will have a huge psychological bearing on you. Then there are some people who are also nervous about all the invasive tests that are carried out on them. Pregnancy is great news, but it also brings many concerns in the people who are going to bring a tiny human into this world.

Understanding The Concerns

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural phenomena, yet, its hard to describe why its a mixed bag of emotions. This is true especially in case of the mother, because she is set to undergo some massive changes in her life. So, lets take a look at what are the things that generally go through a woman’s mind before conception.

  • Am I Ready?: Lets face this: nobody is completely prepared for parenthood, unless theyve gone through the drill before. As a couple planning for a baby, you would not know what to expect. So, its natural that youd have apprehensions.
  • Will I be able to do it?: Pregnancy and delivery has been known to be painful. Its normal to have fear regarding the pain. But then, you neednt worry because your body is designed to pull it off, so just relax.
  • How Will My Life Be?: Its sort of difficult to explain how different your life will be post conception and birth, yet, one thing is certain, that your life will be different.
  • What If I Cant Conceive?: This is not a very pleasant question to answer, yet without trying, you wont be able to find the answers, either.

What Next?

While you understand what concerns you have, keeping it inside you will just prevent you from enjoying your conception, pregnancy and postpartum experience. So, do you just brush your concerns under the carpet? No. The solution doesn’t lie in not acknowledging your fears, but in doing something that will clarify a lot of things for you. Early prenatal care is it enough& in many cases its too late. Planning for your pregnancy before you conceive will help you make healthy choices for you and your baby.

Thats where preconceptional counselling comes in. The moment you mention the word preconceptional counselling, you are likely to raise quite a few eyebrows. People from other generations will question its motive, often saying that women are mentally created to be able to prepare themselves and that people in the past never needed such fancy consultations before bearing a child.

But, you must understand that times have changed, lifestyles have evolved and there are many factors at play that did not exist in the past. Caring for your health before you become pregnant (preconceptionally)will help you learn about any risk factors and treat any medical problems that you may have before you become pregnant.

Why Opt For Preconceptional Counselling?

First of all, you need to gear up for your pregnancy and childbirth.At the time of conception couple should be in optimal physical health & emotionally prepared for parenthood. A Preconception Counselling expert understands your concerns, and hence aims to clarify your doubts that maybe even ‘Google has fueled. So, what are the things that this expert will handle?

  • Helping to understand what to expect.
  • Suggest the best methods to conceive
  • Keep a track of your menstrual cycle and ovulation period
  • Examine your genetics and history
  • Understand your medications
  • Check for complications
  • Preparing you for all the changes

It is to be understood that having a baby is quite a complex procedure and there are multiple things that need to be in harmony for a tiny human to be conceived. Its critical, therefore, that you undergo tests to ascertain that everything is alright medically. Your preconceptional counsellor will guide you about diet, your BMI and suggest exercises that will boost your chances to conceive soon. In keeping a track of these critical factors, your preconceptional counsellor will ensure that youre completely prepared to handle yourself emotionally, physically and mentally for pregnancy and childbirth.

What To Expect From A Preconceptional Counselling Session?

If you choose to go for a preconceptional counselling session, here are a few things that you can expect from it.

  • Tests: Your doctor will ask you to run a few tests just to understand if you are medically fit. These diagnostic tests will pick up if there is anything that is preventing you from conceiving. Upon investigation, if something abnormal comes up, your doctor will prescribe treatments to get it sorted.
  • Questions on your medical history: You will required to lay down to medical and genetic history in front of the doctor, so that if there is any concern, its dealt with before its late.
  • Emotional Guidance: Conception is quite an emotional thing, so one of the things your doctor will do is to aid you with emotional boosters also.
  • Pregnancy care: Your doctor will be there with you throughout, providing you with prenatal care and resolving all your concerns.

So, if you are trying to get the two magical lines on your home pregnancy kit, wait no further. Consult us at Neelima as we will be sensitive towards your needs and help you have a happy pregnancy!

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