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Anesthesiology is a vital department in any given hospital, considering the facility has surgery and other invasive procedures as part of treatments for patients. The department deals with the administration of anaesthesia for procedures doctors or surgeons perform on patients.

The type of anaesthesia, however, depends on the type of treatment provided and varies as per the need recommended by the doctors here we have a brief about the main types of anaesthesia our anesthesiologists offer.

What is anesthesiology?

Anaesthesiology is the branch of medicine that is dedicated to research and accurate administration of anaesthesia to patients as they have their surgical procedures conducted. The idea is to have safe usage of medical sedative drugs to induce a state of partial or total lack of sensation to the body during surgical procedures, small or significant. The Anaesthesiologists will decide on the type of anaesthesia to be administered as well as the dosage required, all depending on the body of the patient and the surgery to be conducted.

Types of anaesthesia
General anaesthesia –

General Anaesthesia is usually administered for total lack of consciousness. This is used for significant surgeries that might take a long while before completion. For instance a bypass, neurosurgery etc.

Regional anaesthesia –

Regional anaesthesia is used to cause partial unconsciousness, usually to a specific part of the body. In many cases, with the use of local anaesthesia, the patient is left awake even while the procedure is undergoing, These are generally used when the need for General anaesthesia is dismissed, and in most cases, the area that is numbed is below the abdomen.

Local anaesthesia – Local Anaesthesia is used in procedures that only need the affected area to be induced with the sedative and numb it for a short period. In minimally invasive procedures local anaesthesia comes in handy or for other small-time methods that might not require a full dosage of general anaesthesia or even regional anaesthesia.

Anaesthesiologists and their duties

An anesthesiologist is a person who is in charge of administering the patient with the required dosage before the procedure with the right dosage of the sedative. The anaesthesiologists are always present during the procedure and continuously monitors the happenings in the patient while the surgery is ongoing.

It is the anaesthesiologists who are responsible for the patient’s life, and a wrong move by them might prove costly. But Anaesthesiologists at Neelima Hospital are highly skilled and experienced professionals who have been accurately administering the right dosage to patients when needed.

The roles of an Anaesthesiologists involve –

Check-ups and evaluation before and after the operation
A thorough and accurate pre-anaesthesia assessment of the patient
Anaesthesia management including induction and intraoperative management.
Post-operative care including critical care and pain management.

Anesthesiology department – Neelima

The Anaesthesia department at Neelima has always promoted the idea of modern, safe and highly advanced procedures that are more patient-focused. We have a great team of highly qualified, experienced and skilled professionals dealing with anesthesiology needs for the hospital and its patients.

The experience and accuracy in their work at Neelima help with laying a sound and focused foundations for our surgeons to carry on with their surgeries without any additional worries. All the practices and experiences of our team them the best anaesthesiologists in Hyderabad and Neelima one of the top hospitals with a formidable anaesthesiology department.

Department of Anesthesia


Preoperative check-up and evaluation, Immediate Pre Anaesthesia assessment.
Induction and Intra operative anaesthesia management,
Post-operative care, which includes, Critical care and… Pain management

At Neelima Hospitals, we provide a comprehensive range of clinical anaesthesia services, which include

  • Perioperative anaesthesia services
  • Critical care medicine
  • Pain Management Medicine

Our patients receive advanced medical care provided by highly trained and skilled clinicians. Our philosophy has always been to work with a multidisciplinary team approach.
Our department of Anaesthesiology is one of the premier departments in Neelima Hospital. We provide general and regional anaesthesia as per the requirement of each patient.

Clinical skill
Our anaesthesiologists have received training and accomplishments from the best institutes. We have a dedicated team of many anaesthetists who along with their associates & junior staff provide round the clock service.

The anaesthetists are helped by the state of the art anaesthesia equipment.


  • Preoperative check-up and evaluation
  • Immediate Pre Anaesthesia assessment
  • Induction and Intra operative anaesthesia management
  • Post-operative care, which includes
  • Critical care and…
  • Pain management

Pre anaesthesia check up
The anaesthesiologist usually meets the patient prior to surgery. They discuss the medical history, lab results and anaesthesia plan. The patient and his/her relatives are informed about the risks and benefits of anaesthesia and their consent for the procedure is taken.
In the OT an anaesthetist will be with the patient throughout the procedure.

After the procedure patient will be moved to the recovery room and a nurse will monitor the patient and provide medication to minimize pain, nausea and vomiting as needed. The patient will be transferred from the recovery room to the ICU, ward or private rooms only after the anaesthetist ascertains that the patient is stable and comfortable.

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