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People often come in with medical conditions about their ear, nose or throat, suffering from various infections and problems that may cloud their ability to hear, smell, breathe, speak and swallow. It is imperative that any hospital at any given time treat these problems in a timely and appropriate manner to avoid complications. To do so, Neelima Hospital has a top notch ENT or Ear, Nose and Throat unit to treat with the many problems of people in those areas of the body.

At Neelima Hospital’s ENT unit we have the best Ear, Nose and Throat specialists who work hard to help patients solve their problems. Otherwise, these specialist doctors are known as Otolaryngologists, at our unit we have the best professionals and specialists of that kind with some top-notch experience under their belt, which allows them to recommend and treat in the most appropriate manner possible.

At Neelima, the ENT unit provides with a wide range of treatments and services to its patients, as well as giving further expertise in subspecialties through our ENT specialist. Neelima Hospital’s ENT unit offers top-notch, accurate diagnosis for problems as well as solutions for the same including that of surgical nature if need be. Our comprehensive methodology and state-of-the-art care make Neelima’s ENT care the best in Hyderabad.

Some of the procedures, surgeries and services offered to patients at Neelima Hospital’s ENT Unit are as follows

Diagnostic (Outpatient) and Therapeutic Endoscopy
Hearing Restoration Surgeries
Snoring Correction Surgeries
Ear diseases in adults and paediatrics
Hearing aid implants
Cochlear (implants)
Nasal Surgeries
Head & Neck Surgeries related to parathyroid and thyroid
Parotid and Submandibular surgeries of salivary
Ear Tumours’ surgery
Anterior and lateral skull base surgery
Tumour Surgeries of head and neck
Operations for Nasal, Sinus and Anterior Skull Base
management of voice and airway disorder treatments
Speech therapy
Skin surgeries of the head and neck areas

ENT Hospital in Hyderabad


A Centre of Excellence for EAR – NOSE – THROAT CARE

Years of experience! High end technology!

Ear pain / Ear Discharge
Tinnitus / Ringing Sensation in Ear
Hearing Loss
Bleeding from Nose
Sinus Headache
Nasal Allergics, Nasal Polyps
Change in Voice
Thyroid Swelling of Neck
Vertigo Giddiness
Foreignbodies in ENT
Deviated Nasal Septum

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Dr.Sree Sudha

Dr.Sree Sudha


Qualification : MBBS,DLO,DNB
Experience : 7 Years

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