Neonatal Intensive Care Units


Every new parent wants to ensure that their newborn baby is in able hands as soon as they open their eyes to this world. You put in a lot of thought and research into looking for the most ideal hospital for your baby to be delivered, where doctors are prompt in being able to understand what goes wrong, when and address the issue with just as much skillfulness.

The department of Neonatology at Neelima Hospital is just that. Our department is enriched with specialists who are experienced and efficient at their job.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is staffed with neonatologists 24X7 to ensure the well being of tiny new born babies. Our department has the most advanced equipments in our NICU to be able to treat any eventuality. The unit works at shielding premature, low birth weight and critically-ill infants from catching infection from outside and also monitors them closely so as for them to recover as soon as possible.

We also extend coordinated care for expecting mothers with complications in their pregnancy. The clinical outcome of our patients has improved because we have walked them through the initial phase of their pregnancy till postpartum.

The other services and treatments we offer at our neonatology department are listed below,

  • Attendance at high-risk deliveries-
  • Complete pre- and post-operative care for mother and child
  • Care and treatment for Neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia)
  • Care and treatment for infant respiratory distress syndrome
  • Care and treatment for neonatal sepsis
  • Care and treatment for neonatal bowel obstruction
  • Care and treatment for benign neonatal seizures
  • Care and treatment for neonatal hepatitis
  • Care and treatment for neonatal hypoglycemia
  • Care and treatment for perinatal asphyxia

Our department and the NICU is staffed with nurses and doctors who treat your newborn baby with a gentle touch, and sensitivity. We function keeping your’s and your child’s wellbeing at heart.

Neonatology Department


Modern Medical facilities provide Specialised Care to Infants
Provide comprehensive care for infants
  • Intensive care for preterm and term newborn infants
  • Attendance at high-risk deliveries
  • Consultations with families whose pregnancy has been complicated by a diagnosis of birth defects, multiple gestation, or probable preterm delivery
  • Complete pre- and post-operative care
  • Neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia)
  • Infant respiratory distress syndrome
  • Neonatal sepsis
  • Neonatal bowel obstruction
  • Benign neonatal seizures
  • Neonatal hepatitis
  • Neonatal hypoglycemia
  • Perinatal asphyxia

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Dr.Vijay Maisak

Dr.Vijay Maisak


Qualification : MD (DNB)
Experience : 6 Years




Qualification : DCH,FNIAP(MRCPCH)
Experience : 12 Years

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